UK Student Housing Market – NEWCASTLE

Student accom

Newcastle has the greatest percentage of student housing throughout the whole of the UK.

Analysis shows that one in every 15 homes within the city of Newcastle is now a student property, a figure matched only by Exeter.

Furthermore, the rate is about ten times greater than the UK national average for local authorities.

Newcastle is home to two large universities and has seen a massive rise in its student population over the past two decades.

The number of students in the city is thought to have risen to nearly 100,000 since 2001 according to the latest figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), when the total was 25,271.

“Students at Newcastle’s two universities contribute an estimated £500 million to our economy each year and attract young people from all over the world to our city,” said Cllr. Ged Bell, cabinet member for employment at Newcastle City Council.

“Students themselves make a really important contribution to the local economy – with many continuing to live and work here after their studies – and our universities are major employers.

“It is great to see our universities thriving and as more young people come to study here it is important that there is sufficient student housing to meet demand.”

“As well as ensuring there is sufficient student accommodation, we also seek to ensure there is a balanced mix of housing, including family housing, within our communities. As part of our plans for growth in Newcastle, we expect there to be an additional 21,000 homes in the city by 2030 and have already seen record levels of housing development in the last two years.”

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