Why become a partner?

We are seeking partners who are looking to engage in some of the most exciting fixed-income opportunities in the UK and Europe. We have proven experience in sourcing and delivering investment opportunities that have a broad appeal. Our focus is offering stable returns, using loan notes and property bonds secured by significant underlying assets to leverage wealth-building. In these times of economic uncertainty, we identify opportunities that include more innovative commercial real estate investments that have limited market availability. GPM Invest helps you to build strong relationships by delivering a continuous stream of value-growth investment opportunities to help achieve clients’ financial objectives.

What can you expect?

From the initial point of contact, we provide you with everything you need to market and sell to your prospective and existing clients. We supply you with all the materials including presentations and documentation for administrative processes. Transparency is key, which is an integral part of our continuing strength.
A significant benefit of working in partnership with GPM Invest is that you will be part of a large and diverse network of associates offering regulated and unregulated investment services in the UK and Europe.

Key Benefits of being a GPM Invest Partner

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