Web 3.0 & The Metaverse


According to Morgan Stanley (2021), the Metaverse is not only the next theme but is changing the landscape of investing & digital foundations of existence.

We now have the technology to combine Meta Data, social media databases & hybrid virtual experience to fuse our physical & digital realities.

There has never been more investment than into the development of Metaverse eco-systems.

The seamless marriage of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Augmented Reality, NFT’s & the world of Gaming is building this ecosystem, Metaverse & its many components are developing faster than Moore’s Law.

Ethiopia & West Africa have nearly 500,000 users playing with Cryptocurrency that in a game is potentially earning their families 5, 10, or 100 times than the average national wage.

These modern opportunities since Cryptocurrency & blockchain consensus technology are paving our future path… centralised, global entities became too big to fail… and then they did… why?… Because there was too much power in the hands of the few… we have all heard the axiom… power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!… Blockchain evenly distributes power by equal consensus…

The future of…

So, where is the money?

The big 3 at the moment are Sandbox, Decentraland & Facebooks Meta!

Up until now every experience via the Web has been a 2D interface… Web 3.0 is fully immersed, all of our senses are immersed into the experience… so, what does that mean? Are we really inevitably marching towards transhumanism?… Can we resist even?

Web 3.0 & the ‘Metaverse’ all of its incarnations are waiting to evolve.

The uncertainty of hyperinflation, the growing distrust in our governments & financial institutions is where the future of consensus technology not only exists but will become the protocols of tomorrow.

The rise of 2D gaming led by Sony & Microsoft are global multi-billion dollar industries. Together, with the likes of Google, Facebook (Meta), China, South Korea, Japan, etc, these technology giants are not only investing in but are building the infrastructure of the Metaverse based on the information they have gleaned from their Meta Data, tech scientists & highly funded Think Tanks.

The human condition is searching for a reality to believe in & the Metaverse offers a fully immersive alternative. Only 2 industries have referred to their client base as ‘users’, Drugs & Software!

Minecraft alone has 480 million-plus players, Roblox has 160 million players & Crossfire has over a billion. They all have their own software engines, no more Google search as we will all have our personal digital assistants to guide our wishes & wants preemptively.

These digital assistants will have access to all our digital data from texts, emails to friends, loved ones & our personal preferences. No more apps as we travel from world to world. No more 2D screen time as we are wearing visors & skin-tight sensor suits creating a new, perfectly visioned reality.

Now, let’s pause for breath… so far, the players in the Metaverse are entities/individuals with billion-dollar wealth, so investments of a few million dollars here or there is now a minimal risk even if these investments completely fail the impact will be slight on their accounts, but as with Bitcoin & certain altcoins the Digital market is expected to be bullish especially since the usual fundamentals of the financial markets are so uncertain.

There has never been an age since the Industrial Revolution where the impact of technology is now hardwired into all of humanity’s immediate futures & beyond!

Since the Gutenberg printing press around 1440 educated & inspired as we were, we are now in the next level of evolution…?

Communications & technology which keep connecting us together will always find a way to evolve

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