A Leading introducer of best-value loan notes and property bonds

GPM Invest can introduce you to a range of property-backed opportunities as well as many other innovative investments through our exclusive platform. We work in partnership with you to create a safe and secure relationship, working together to create an investment strategy that helps you achieve your long-term goals.

Our team of trusted and experienced professionals sources the best investment opportunities for you that offer security as well as excellent returns. Our main goal is to protect your interests and help you achieve your financial objectives, whether that be to support a growing family or fund your retirement. Our risk analysis and due diligence teams scour the markets for the best products for you, using real-time analysis protocols to ensure your portfolio’s performance always exceeds your expectations.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who fully understands your aspirations and risk appetite, enabling them to tailor the best products to suit you. Your account manager will be on hand throughout your investment journey to give you peace of mind that your best financial interests are being taken care of.

GPM Invest offer fixed returns so you know exactly what you will receive during the term of your investment. We also offer periodic income and compounded growth. We have a full range of products available to you and our experienced account managers can keep you in touch with the best options for your specific goals. Our due diligence is rigorous, thorough and testing which will allow you to make the most considered financial decisions that meet your investment criteria.

For all our property-backed investments we only work with experienced property developers which have a proven track record. Our experience spans decades and all our investment partners are trusted professionals within finance, planning, construction and development whom we have built relationships with over the years.

All our products have a well-defined exit strategy so that you don’t have to tie your capital up for many years if you don’t wish to. You tell us how long you want to invest for and we will make sure the products we offer you work for you over the right length of time.